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Error Code 80040154

80040154 Error Description: 80040154 is an error code which displays the message “Class not registered”. Error code 80040154 indicates that the registry is having some permission difficulties in installing the software. So, it becomes necessary to edit the registry key permissions on your computer. You can only install the software on your computer but cannot use it. It is in this context that our registry services become quite useful.

80040154 - Cause Of Error Code 80040154

This is usually encountered when you recently installed MSN messenger or Windows Live messenger. But, whenever you try to log into the messenger, this error 80040154 is displayed. The root cause of 80040154 in this context is that the MSXML library file must have surely got corrupted or something may be missing in that particular file. This prevents the proper execution of the software and you cannot log into the MSN messenger.

A typical instance where error code 80040154 gets displayed is elaborated as follows. You have recently downloaded the software of Windows Live messenger onto your personal computer. When you log in to the Windows Live messenger it displays the message that signing into the windows live messenger failed because the service is not available currently. Why did this happen?

Also, your internet connection is working fine and along with the message error 80040154 is displayed.

It should be noted that one should avoid fixing this error manually as it can do more harm to computer, especially in case you are not well-versed with software and hardware of a computer.

. You should avoid using information given on the blogs and websites to fix this error 80040154 when you are not technically qualified.

In such cases, our registry tool is extremely useful and beneficial as it will not help you in fixing the problem but also increase the speed of your computer by eliminating the garbage of your computer.

The registry repair tool can easily fix this error 80040154 and you will no longer get the message “Class not registered” which is normally displayed along with the error code 80040154. Fix 80040154 in 3 Quick Steps:

1.Download 80040154 Tool.

2. Scan For 80040154 error.

3. Fix 80040154 error.


80040154 Extra Benefits:

  • CHECK Solves Error Code 80040154
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80040154 - Solve 80040154

First Part 80040154Download 80040154 Repairer.
Second Part Search For 80040154 Search For 80040154.
Third Part Solve 80040154 Solve 80040154

80040154 Error Code 80040154 is Gone!

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Another instance when such error code 80040154 appears is in case when you transfer several files and data from one system to another, say from your desktop to laptop. Although you may have the necessary software to run those files, there is some problem with the registry key on your laptop in this case.

You may also encounter error code 80040154 when you have to run MPG, MPEG or AVI files on your computer. It indicates that the codec used to playback these files has got corrupted or spoilt.

How do you get access to this patch? You first need to “Download Error 80040154 Patch.” Then, the next step includes running a deep scan on the PC. We then need to press “Repair” button that is present within your recently installed software such as MSN messenger software or Windows Live software. Thus, in this manner your problem will be completely solved using our registry tool. The error code 80040154 will no longer will be flashed when you log into your MSN or Windows live messenger.

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